nikki beckett
ceo – mount hartman bay estate – grenada

‘…thank you kevin, my pictures look just wonderful!’

michael borrelli QC
mayfair – london W1

‘…thank you for taking so much time and trouble to paint such beautiful pictures for us…’

christine ennis
houston – texas – usa

‘…i fell in love with kevin’s work on vacation… i’m now the proud owner of a superb cornish seascape… the colours are really stunning…’

brian cowan
creative director – pinner – london

‘…the print is fantastic, looking forward to showing it to my colleagues at the RAC, they’ll also be very impressed for certain… sincerely hope your client loved the original artwork and appreciated all the effort that went into producing it…’

mary sharp
the carlton club – st james’s – london SW1

‘…absolutely thrilled with the beautiful print, I now have it up in my office… kind regards and thank you so much again’ 

gary shaughnessy
chief executive – zurich uk life – london EC3

‘…we’ve now commissioned several artworks that have really captured our lifestyle and personality of our animals..
absolutely delighted with the quality and feel of kevin’s work…
we can certainly recommend highly’

dr georg taucher
director – vienna – austria

‘…thank you so much for the lovely picture of ‘amy’…
everybody loves it… was a great surprise for jessica’s birthday’ 

dave dickinson
web developer – hurstbourne tarrant

‘…you’ve managed to capture ‘charlie’ so well, I’m delighted… you’re a fabulous artist and an all round top man, thanks for all your effort’

graham wetherell
civil engineering – project control – tyne & wear

‘…many, many thanks for the picture, it is wonderful…
I will never forget you, ruth and the cottage for all time…’

sylvia froome
county tipperary – republic of ireland

‘…completely love the portrait, it is so like john, he will never die whilst that remains… thank you for making him immortal…’

de mcdougal
project administrator – kingsclere

‘…thank you so much for the wonderful painting,
…mark loved it… you’ve really captured ‘diggie’s eyes…’ 

lisa chandler
farmer / vet – margaret river – western australia

‘…thank you! thank you! thank you! …so very, very much from
the bottom of my heart…  you’ll be pleased to know
my paintings got here safely and are up on our walls already,
got to say they look stunning… i adore them!’

mary bilger
saratoga – san francisco bay – california – usa

…for the attention to detail and care you took in painting such an awesome portrait of beautiful ‘lucy’…  my best friend & constant companion for 12 years… amazing how you captured her personality… jumps right out,
she is right there, it’s just her…
you do beautiful work, just perfect… was carefully carried across the ocean by my husband – home to me for christmas!

simon shore
managing director – logistics – kingsclere

‘…continually drawn to the detail you’ve captured… guaranteed conversation piece, everyone comments on the colours being very well chosen… as you know I have been wanting to own ‘elegantly wasted’ for some time
… some things are just meant to be…
keep painting more great stuff!’